Personalized Professional Representation

The Law Office of Kenneth A. Bogdan has developed and pursues a philosophy of client-centered practice which focuses on open communication with clients and continuing evaluation through our Cost-Benefit litigation approach. This approach to litigation allows the client to evaluate, and regularly reevaluate factors important to his or her individual litigation goals including, but not limited to, time, finances and expectations.

To further benefit our clients, we employ the Legal Team approach. While the client is the central member of the Legal Team, the Law Office of Kenneth A. Bogdan provides the resources and experience for the soundest strategic and practical approach to legal problem solving. Furthermore, our firm, has the ability to offer paralegal services, when indicated, gives our Legal Team the support necessary for balanced and financially sound strategies.

The People & Places We Serve

Harford County

With 11 years of legal experience, providing competent, compassionate and thorough representation to our clients,  Mr. Bogdan has been a part of the Harford County community for more than a decade.

Baltimore County

The Law Office of Kenneth A. Bogdan continues to maintain strong contact with clients in eastern Baltimore County and in Baltimore City. In fact, The Law Office of Kenneth A. Bogdan has maintained a satellite office in  Baltimore City as a convenience to clients living and/or working in Baltimore County or Baltimore City.

Cecil County

Our Cecil County practice continues to make-up a growing percentage of our clientele. As a result, we are playing a greater role in this County and have provided a successful alternative to the small legal services community available locally.

Law Firm  Information

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34 S. Main Street
Bel Air, Maryland 21014

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